What is CrossFit?

CrossFit is a different full body workout every day done with a great, encouraging group of people.  It uses elements of gymnastics, weightlifting, and cardio. It's fun and it gets better results in less time! 

Why Choose Us?

We care about you and your health!  We will teach you to move safely and efficiently, and develop new healthy habits.  We'll help you get and stay on the path to a happy, healthy life 

What happens in a Crossfit group class?

We start with a short warmup.  For instance, some jogging or rowing, some mobility drills, or a team game to get us moving.  Then we move onto skill development: we might spend the time working on  your front squat; another day, we’ll work on your pull-ups; another, we’ll teach you to do a power clean.  Then we get to the main part of the group, the WOD, or challenge.  You’ll start this workout together as a group to encourage a fun, enthusiastic atmosphere of support.


Why should I do Crossfit?

You'll get better results in less time!  CrossFit uses natural movements instead of machines which is the safest route in the long-term and prepares you for the fun activities you want to do in your life.  The different workouts every day help keep you interested and the awesome community and friendships make you want to come back every day.  

What is the WOD?

It's the Workout of the Day!

Who can do Crossfit (do I need to be in sHaPe first)?

Anyone can do CrossFit - we adapt it to each individual person.  It is called “scaling” workouts. Scaling means that the same workout can be adjusted for each person by keeping the format but substituting exercises, changing the intensity, or reducing the volume. We understand what it is like to come from the beginning where you have no experience with exercise or sports and can help you make every workout right for you. In any given class, you can have retirees and teenagers and athletes all doing the same things.