Yes, you can!

Last week, I wrote about your “why”.  I also mentioned that to be successful, it requires more than just defining your why.

If you haven’t yet gotten to where you want to be, it is likely you struggle with believing you can.  I understand how this feels.  I struggled too.  Sometimes, in various ways, I still do.  

Often times they say owning a gym is similar to being a counselor.  This, I believe, is because our limitation is usually not physical.  Sure, you may not be able to currently do a pull-up or push-up, but what has stopped you from working on it?  Is it doing the physical work or practice?  Or is it because you will eventually give up on yourself.  

In CrossFit we do many movements.  I take the job of coaching and training very seriously.  Our priority is for you to move well and move safely.  We want you to live your best life.  Fulfill your why.  We believe the stronger you are and the better you can move, the easier it will be for you to achieve your why.

Having said that, years ago, I had someone say we (as coaches) needed to cheer less and coach more.  I want to say as a premise this isn’t flawed.  We should help you move well first and foremost.  I believe however, that what most of us lack is a confidence in being successful.  We need someone in our corner cheering us on.  

I have a house full of boys.  So, I think of a boxing match or a UFC fight. Their coach is in their corner giving them helpful cues.  When the time out comes, they never tell them they're losing.  They don’t highlight their mistakes.  They remind them what to do.  They tell them what will help them win.  They give them the confidence to go back out and give it all they’ve got.  

We are our own worst critic.  We pick ourselves apart and we know every deadline we have secretly given ourselves that ended in failure.  Every Monday diet or workout plan.  We are quick to point out that our current efforts will end the same way.  

I don’t care about the past.  I still believe you can achieve your goals.  I want to give you the tools to succeed.  You can doubt yourself, but choose to trust the process.