Healthy Eating on Vacation

Last week we shared with you guys a list of workouts you can use while you travel for work or while on vacation.   The bigger and harder thing to control most of the time is what we eat!  We're on vacation, we should indulge, right?

Here at CrossFit Erie we definitely believe in living our lives and enjoying time with friends and family.  When on vacation, you should enjoy yourself!  100%!  However, there are ways to enjoy your vacation and still keep your eye on prize!

We put together a small list of things we like to do while we're traveling to help reign things in a little bit!

Pack some snacks!

The last time Matt and I left for a long weekend, I packed RX Bars in my bag. One for each day. I used them as a snack. We were going out to eat for breakfast and dinner so I didn’t need much, but a midday RX Bar was just right.

Drink your water!!!

I am so used to carrying water everywhere I go now it doesn’t even feel odd anymore.  Keep a water with you always and avoid soda as much as you can.  Especially if you will be consuming alcohol. :)

Choose your cheats!

You are definitely on vacation and don’t need to be perfect but you also don’t have to indulge at every meal.  If you go crazy at breakfast, try to have a somewhat sensible dinner, or vice versa.  

Eat a Salad :)

Julie shared this one with me.  She likes to get a dinner salad and then a smaller portion for dinner like an appetizer or a shared meal.

Don’t drink your sugar!!!

Fruity drinks or sodas, alcoholic or not, have a lot of calories and sugar.  For instance, in one Chili’s margarita there are 291 calories and 39 grams of sugar!  IN JUST ONE.  We’re not saying you shouldn’t drink, just try to choose your drink calories to some degree.

Walk when you can.

If you won’t be active on your trip, try to walk as much as possible.  Take the stairs, walk to the store, walk on the hotel treadmill.  Try to move a little bit each day!

I think if you did just one of these things, you would be ahead of most people.  If you did them all, you could come back from vacation not set back from where you were when you started!  We all need downtime to indulge and enjoy our families and friends.  It is possible to have fun without sacrificing all the handwork you have been putting in!