What are Bright Spots?

What are Bright Spots and why you should have them?

At CrossFit Erie, we post a bright spot each week.  As a gym, we select one person to highlight.  We find: a PR, something that clicked, or someone who broke through a barrier that week and highlight it publicly.  As humans, we have become so accustomed to downplaying our accomplishments.  We tear ourselves down.  At CrossFit Erie, we want you to see the good you have done.  You work hard.  Celebrate it!  Sounds pretty basic, but let’s take a step backward.  :)

I am a mom, so for me I will correlate the power of Bright Spots to my personal life.  My firstborn, who is now 16, was pretty phenomenal toddler.  He didn’t throw tantrums (I know what you’re thinking).  He was pretty easy and sweet.  On the occasion when he would really double down and get stubborn; he wouldn’t budge.  He was in for the long haul.  These moments were few and far between but they rocked my days.  I would question my parenting choices, the way I handled that day. Was I too lenient all the time?  We could have had 90 good days and I was evaluating everything based on one bad day.  It sounds ridiculous when I read it like that. Yet, it’s true.  

When Diana and I looked into beginning CrossFit Erie, I knew I wanted us to have a mentor.  Someone to keep us accountable, on track, and run ideas through.  We chose to go through Two-Brain with Chris Cooper.  His philosophy is all about helping people and he shows us how to lay a foundation so we can also be successful.  In his group, he encourages everyone to post their Bright Spots each Friday.  They are a mix of personal and business.  They do not have to be huge, life altering things.  

There have been weeks I haven’t posted.  Sometimes, I feel like my “Bright Spots” aren’t that significant.  Sometimes I have had a long trying two days and I can’t at the moment think of what they would be.  Nobody has made me feel this way. The group is the most encouraging group I have been a part of.  The problem, is me.  

I had a Grandma growing up (still do) who lived by the motto “kill them with kindness”.  She was so patient and kind to everyone.  I remember being on vacations and watching her just wait patiently and telling the staff to take their time and help others.  When they got to her they would give her free meals or tickets; they weren’t used to this level of patience and kindness. This wasn’t her motive, this is just who she was, always.   I have tried. I wish I was as successful as she is, to display this to my boys when given the chance.  To look at the good, to realize that finding the negative or stewing on it will not bring the result I want.  Easy right?

In recent studies, researchers at Oxford have discovered that it is possible to continually re-map our brain.  It doesn’t just end when we are 9 or 13 or 24.  The difference is, we have gone through this life in a pattern.  Complaining, anxious, scared, overwhelmed -insert adjective here-.  Wouldn’t you love the ability to re-map those feelings and turn them into something positive?  

Enter Bright Spots.  I have built this up so much, it sounds like participating might cure cancer haha. :) Seriously though, I am a firm believer in the power of positivity.  I encourage you each week, to reflect.  What were your personal Bright Spots? Did you get all the laundry done over the weekend?  Spend one on one time with your kids?  Hit a workout PR?  List 3, minimum, each week.  It can be in your phone, on a post it note, in a journal, or with a good friend.  Maybe you had a bad week, maybe it was an awful week, but there was something positive in it…. somewhere.  Find it.  Don’t be me. Don’t run from it or give into the patterns you’ve created.  Find the Bright Spots in life!