Did You PR This Open?

The open is such a fun time for us CrossFitters.  We wait each week, in eager anticipation for what we will endure in the coming days.  You singed up and paid your $20. There is no backing out now!  

Each week during the open we have a decision to make.  Scaled or RX.  Regardless of which you choose, there is the possibility of an exercise you can’t do, or thought you couldn’t do, or have never tried.  For some of us not getting that movement or being able to clean that weight will be fuel for the fire.  We will channel that and work on any necessary skills required to have it the next time.  For others, it is a huge milestone. A Personal Record! Sometimes you thought you might get one, other times you completely surprised yourself!

These are the moments that make us come back for more.  We always want more! :)  Now is a great time to look at making some goals.  If you are 6 or more months out from hitting your ultimate goal, you need a smaller more attainable goal first.  Spend some time thinking about what you want, and what it would take to get you there; then, make a list.

What does your goal need?

  1. A time domain.

  2. Something attainable in 3 or so months.

  3. Something specific; for example, a pull-up rather than, get better at cardio.

  4. Accountability

I am currently thinking long and hard at what my next goal will be.  It is easy to pick something sexy like a muscle up.  I need to know that I am ready to do the work for whichever skill I pick. We love sitting down with our members and helping them choose their goals, and get serious about tackling them!

What will your next Open moment be?