Feeling Motivated?

When you start a new nutrition or exercise plan it’s exciting!  You looking forward to the changes you're going to see in your body, how much better you’re going to feel, and the strength, endurance or energy you’re going to have.  This excitement can keep you motivated for some time, especially if you see some of the quick weight drops or energy gains that are possible at the beginning of new nutrition or workout plan. Most people can ride this kind of excitement for quite a few weeks and maybe even months.  But what happens when that motivation wanes,  when the weight loss has slowed, and you’re hitting less PRs. 

This might not be the most exciting stage of your health journey, but it’s actually not a bad thing! Now that we’ve practiced our habits of eating right, prepping meals, making it to the gym three or four times a week, and so much more, we can reflect on the changes we’ve made and decide where to go next.  It’s a time to really think about what is most important to you and which changes are most meaningful and what really keeps you motivated and engaged.  Do you love meeting your workout buddies at the gym every day? Or relaxing and prepping your meals for the week while listening to some music?  Focus on the things you’ve found you love and keep them going!

However, sometimes the motivation just isn’t there, no matter how much you want it to be.  This is totally normal.  The difference between a beginner and an expert isn’t motivation, we all feel that lag sometimes.  The difference is action!  An expert continues to take action, even when they don’t necessarily "feel it".  In fact, often we think that action comes from being motivated.  That may be true sometimes, but even more often action is what gives us motivation.  When you exercise or eat well you gain energy and by the time you’re done with that workout, or your awesome, healthy meal.  You’re feeling more energized, and more motivated!

When that motivation stalls a bit we can also fall back on our plans to keep us on track.  What systems do you have in place that you’ve been following to keep eating well and exercising?  Make sure you have a daily and weekly routine to keep you organized.  Keep your kitchen full of healthy food so it’s easy to stay on track.  Schedule in your workouts and meal prepping just like you would with any other important task.  And sometimes, the best thing you can do is rely on a friend or coach.  Often, all you really need is some backup.  Someone to tell you to get going again and encourage you to keep moving towards your goals.  That’s where having an awesome fitness community comes in!  Nothing is more motivating than having your workout friends and coaches constantly encouraging you and inspiring you to do better.  If you’re looking for some help with your fitness or nutrition come in and talk to us!  We love to help!