The Open is Over! What Now?

The Open is done, what do you do next?  How do you set yourself up for success this next year?  What is your next goal?  Here are some tips for you to do NOW to set yourself up for success.

Regardless of whether you did the Open or not, I hope you take the 5 minutes to do these 3 things. I promise it'll help.

The last 5 weeks have been nothing short of amazing (we will have a recap later this week). It's also been emotionally and physically exhausting.

Now that it's over, if you take 5 minutes to do these 3 things, you will fuel the next 3-5 months of your fitness journey.


For 5 weeks we've tested and competed instead of trained. We've pushed ourselves to new limits, cheered on (and even cried for) our friends, and put in some serious social hours at the gym.

We aren't machines and it's time to recover. Here's how:

A) Take the workouts at about 75% this week. I want you to move slower and scale a ton. Go through the motions. Sweat a little bit. But bring down the intensity level. If at the end of the workout you know you could have gone considerably harder, then you did it right. I know it's hard to do but it's CRITICAL, physically and mentally, to do this.

B) Get outside and reset your mind. We always want you here, but you've spent a lot of time here. Don't hesitate to use your fitness doing other things to give your mind a break if you need it! Keep in mind, we put in the time inside the gym to be better at things outside of it.

Look, it's my gym and I freaking love it. BUT, I have more hikes, walks, and play time with Evan planned for this week than workouts in the gym.

Similarly, make sure you are ready to bring 100% to your training next week.


Our team wants to know 2 things:

1. What is one accomplishment that would bring you the most joy? (1st pull up, muscle up, 400lb squat, running a marathon, etc.)

2. What is the biggest obstacle preventing you from achieving your answer?

Your responses will shape our plans on both a group and individual level. Setting a tangible goal and working to achieve it is how we keep fitness fun!

If you are a current member of CrossFit Erie, it is time to sit down and have your quarterly goal setting session.  Think about these questions and get ready to create a plan to tackle them through 2019!