But, I Don't Want to Get Bulky!

“I don’t want to get bulky” - most women who don’t do CrossFit

I have to admit.  I said this very sentence, and I was currently doing CrossFit.  It is hard to believe, as those who know me know I would rather lift heavy any day of the week!  CrossFit has done so much for women in the area of self confidence.  However sometimes social media portrays us all as ripped women with biceps that would rival most men!  

I was worried to lift heavy when I first started CrossFit too.  My husband who understood more about this than I did sat down and explained it to me.  The main thing is, I wasn’t following a powerlifting schedule, or working out 4 times a day like the women online that I saw.  I was lifting heavy weight maybe 1-2 times a week!  That doesn’t make you bulky.  

Most women say that want to tone up.  That is where they want to be.  Do you know what toning is?  it is building muscle AND burning fat.  If you didn’t build muscle, you would be thin with loose skin.  In order to truly tone up, we must build some muscle.

Years ago, I worked with a client.  She was one of my first clients and she wanted to lose weight.  She had a friend that started with a trainer at a globo-gym at about the same time.  They both wanted to lose around 15 lbs and “tone up”.  Her friend went to the trainer and he stuck on her a cardio machine for 30 mins and then they did a few cycles of machines before she left.  She lost 10 pounds that first month.  My client came to CrossFit, we changed some of her eating habits and she did CrossFit 3-5 times a week, schedule permitting.  She lost 6 lbs that first month.  

Her friend put all her stock on seeing the scale change.  Once she got down to her goal weight she had loose skin and then had to figure out how to build muscle without gaining too much weight.  My client was initially frustrated.  Her scale wasn’t “moving” as much, but she was feeling better and looking better.  She was losing fat and building muscle.  We discussed how this would affect the scale but it is still hard to not see it reflected on the scale.  

Two months in, she wasn’t down any additional weight, but all the sudden her clothes were fitting better.  People were complimenting her on how amazing her legs looked.  She had more confidence and felt great.  We were finally making headway toward her throwing the scale away.  :)

Here are three things that women don’t think about when it comes to muscle.  

  1. Muscle weighs more than fat.  We do hear this now but then we step on the scale and are mad when we haven’t lost weight.  So we hear it but we don’t abide by it!

  2. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn!  That is right, the more muscle you have the more your body turns into a fat burning machine.

  3. Unless you are following the lifting program of the athletes you see on tv, you wont look like them!

We will go into more detail about why it is so important as women to add in resistance training.  BUT, if what you are after is to tone up and lose fat, working out with weights is what will help you achieve this goal!