It’s Not CrossFit, It’s You

It’s not CrossFit, it’s you.  

That sounds mean I suppose, but stay with me for just a minute.  

The two main reasons I hear from people on why they can’t start CrossFit are “Its way too hard” and “I’m not in good enough shape yet.”

Every CrossFit gym around the globe has done what they can to market against this.  We talk about scaling; how to make any workout appropriate for where you are.  The thing we can’t do is convince you that you can do it.  

I grew up a dancer.  My mom owned a dance studio.  We competed.  There were eyes on me all of the time.  I was expected to be good, the best, the example.   I didn’t know anything different so I don't even remember hating it.  It’s just what it was.  It did begin to develop in me this trait of; if I couldn’t do it well, I didn’t even want to try.  I didn’t want anyone to see me fail.

Fast forward years later to me trying CrossFit.   At this time there weren’t CrossFit gyms on every corner.  The closest was 30 minutes form our house.  We, my husband  and I, started in our garage with what we could piece together with equipment.  I had a few friends join me.  Matt, my husband, told me to “try it for 30 days”.  So that is what I committed to.

The first week I liked it.  It was hard but I didn't’ have time to think about anything else.  I had two kids, one of which was a toddler with stomach issues.  CrossFit was a great distraction from normal life.  I couldn’t think about anything else other than what I was doing.  At week three, I was kind of frustrated.  I didn’t feel like I was getting any better.  The workouts were still really hard.  I couldn’t do a pull-up and  I was still struggling.  I decided the end of week three I was going to quit at the end of the 30 days.  

Then it happened.  At the end of 30 days we redid the first workout we did on day one.  Day one my workout took me 24 minutes.  On day 30, that same workout took me 16 minutes!!!!  When I finished and saw my time I said out loud “I wonder what tomorrow’s workout will be”.  I was hooked.  I may not have felt stronger but the science was there.  I did the same amount of work in less time!

As we get older, it becomes scarier to take on something unknown.  We don’t want to make ourselves vulnerable, or look bad.  Do you know what the alternative is to that though?  Succeeding.  We are so good at putting everyone before us, so we opt for easy.  Easy is boring. 

My favorite part of coaching is seeing people push beyond their expectations.  They will tell me what they can’t do and I just nicely push them beyond that expectation (safely of course).  It is like a lightbulb goes on in their head.  They had no idea what they were capable of accomplishing.  It wasn’t CrossFit being too hard.  It was them, limiting themselves.  

Imagine where you want to be.  Imagine yourself succeeding.