What is the CrossFit Open?

Many of you have seen CrossFit on television, or posts on social media of people competing in the CrossFit Games.  The road to the games begin with the Open.  The Open lasts 5 weeks.  There is a workout announced each week during the five weeks.  Anyone who registers for the Open will have roughly 4 days to complete the workout and post their score online.  All competitive CrossFitters who will make their way to the games, will complete these workouts and the top scorers will have an invitation to Regionals.  

If the open is a giant competition why should I do it?  Mainly, community.  As CrossFitters, we value community above all else.  We could workout alone, but we recognize the value of having others in the gym to push us and keep us accountable.  The CrossFit community goes beyond our local gym.  Across the globe there are millions of us who walk in a box and lay it all out there.   We know what Fran is or the Filthy Fifty. We  know what it feels like to sprint on the rower or what your legs feel like the day after a Tabata.  It is an opportunity to take part in the larger global community of CrossFit with the community of your local gym.  

If you register for the Open, you will be posting your score online.  There is an RX division and a scaled division in the Open.  You get to choose each week which category you’d like to be in.  The workouts chosen are often tough workouts.  The fun of it is pushing yourself, and trying things you might not otherwise try.  Each year I have participated in the Open I have learned something that made the next year more fulfilling.  Some weeks, I have outperformed what I thought I could do.  Other weeks highlighted weaknesses and showed me what I need to work on.  Each year was a fun, positive experience.  I had the support of my community cheering me on to try one more rep or push just a little harder.  

If you think you’re not ready for the full Open experience, you can choose to not register online.  We still encourage you to participate.  Even if you don’t register online, you can come on Saturday morning and participate in the open workout.  If you’re the kind that likes to test the waters, this is a great way to ease into it!  You just never know what you are capable of!