Why do a Challenge?

Have you ever tried to lose weight?  Have you ever tried a diet where you had to eliminate foods?  Were you successful but only temporarily?  

At CrossFit Erie we take a different approach to help you reach your goals.  We understand that not everyone fits in the same box.  Some love meat, some are vegetarian, some love bread.  We take an honest approach.  You don’t have to eliminate cake 100% of the time, but you also can’t eat cake everyday and expect to lose weight either.  We need balance.

A lot of us struggle with this the most.  Balance.  We try a diet, restrict everything, and then eventually swing the pendulum back the other way and abandon the diet.  If we could find balance in our daily life, we would learn how to eat healthier and “cheat” less frequently.  

So, why do a challenge?  I should say why do OUR challenge!  We have created a way for you to find balance in your daily life and you will participate as a team.  We take the total number of people signed up and divide you into two separate teams.  Not only is there a built in support system for you, but we have fun weekly challenges that get you to go head to head with the other team…. trash talking encouraged.  :)

We understand that finding balance is hard.  It takes time to create these behaviors.  Having a support group (teammates) will help you stay accountable and create these new behaviors.  

Our goal at CrossFit Erie, is for you to live your happiest healthiest life!!!  

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