What is the Best Diet?

At CrossFit Erie we think there is no best diet.  Here’s why: we are all unique! We all have different body types, fitness levels, food preferences, and even time constraints. We will help you, as a unique person, get to your nutrition goals.  If being Paleo works for you, great! Veganism more your thing? Excellent. Like all types of food and don’t want worry too much about the specifics? That’s fine too! Each person can thrive on vastly different diets by finding out what works for them.  In fact, one of the most important factors is that you actually enjoy what you’re eating. If you don’t, you’ll never stick with it long term.

While we all have different preferences and philosophies, there are a few things all good diets have in common. Good diets focus on food quality. Practically no reasonable diet plan would ask you to eat more highly processed food. Instead pretty much all good diets focus on eating whole, minimally processed foods.  Second, good diets help keep your appetite under control. When we eat these whole, nutrient-rich foods, we almost always end up feeling and staying satisfied for longer. Lastly, good diets support regular exercise. By eating well, you can have the energy you need to excel at your activity of choice (CrossFit for me!), and by exercising more you can really make use of all those great nutrients you’re providing to your body. Good nutrition and exercise go hand-in-hand!

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