What is Good Nutrition?

At CrossFit Erie, we think that good nutrition means eating in a way that helps us look, feel and perform our best.  Many people wonder, how exactly do I do this and how do I figure out what works for me? Well, kind of like a CrossFit workout, every nutrition choice you make leads to an outcome, and we can measure those outcomes!  These outcomes could be a change in your body or health, or a change in your performance or just how you feel. If you think you’re eating really healthy, but you’re not seeing the results you want in your body or performance, then we can use that information to make changes to start moving you towards your goals.  Or, if you’re just not quite sure where to start, we can help with that too! We will help you create a nutrition plan that not only works for your body, but is also sustainable and includes real foods that you enjoy. Good nutrition isn’t about “following the rules”, “being strict”, or rapid weight loss. It’s about enabling a happier, healthier, better life.  

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