Go Big or Go Home?…

To those who know me, they are aware that I don’t love to run and I do love to lift weights.  This wasn’t always the case.  When I started my CrossFit journey, I was scared to lift heavy.  I didn’t want to get bulky and look like a big powerlifter.  I guess it’s good I wasn’t following a powerlifting routine. 🤣  I was doing CrossFit.  

CrossFit does have heavy lifting days. It also has days where you are running and days where you can’t imagine doing one more rep, of anything! My first year of CrossFit, I only lifted heavy sporadically.  After I got my confidence up, I actually started enjoying it.  I then began adding some lifting to my weeks on a regular basis.   A few crazy things happened:

  1. I never got hurt lifting.

  2. I felt stronger in every area of my life.

  3. When I fell at my house straight on my hip, many exercises hurt it. Squatting (with weight) was one of the best things I did to create stability and strength in this area.  

  4. I never did end up looking like a powerlifter and I didn’t “get bulky”. :)

  5. I actually lost body fat and got leaner.

Fast forward many years, and one full hysterectomy later.  Strength training is one of the most important things I can do.  As we age, for all of us but especially for women, resistance training is highly beneficial to bone density.  Age in general weakens our bones and puts us at risk for osteoporosis etc.  Weight training is something that helps our bone density.  Doctors also recommend starting before your bones begin to deteriorate.   

With my current schedule, I lift heavy 2 days a week.  When I don’t my body feels worse.  My joints ache more, I will actually gain a few pounds, and I miss it!  

There is something  therapeutic to me about lifting heavy.  It clears my mind. I can’t think about the dishes, the bills, the issues my kids are going through, or that I have a new teenager driving.  Its just me and the weights…. one rep at a time.