A New Year, A Better You

My facebook feed is filled with many fitness centers and blog writers.   As the new year approaches, everyone is telling me this New Year, I can be a “New Me”.  I think they have missed the mark a little.  

I want to be a better me.  I have been through phases in my life where I have tried, but failed, at making changes.  Is there a way to make changes and make them stick?  Can you finally find success in your personal sticking point?  We think you can and we would love to help you.  

Here are a few ways to begin creating change for yourself.  I’m sure this isn’t new information.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded of the simplicity of what to do.  

  1. Define a realistic goal.   I said “a” goal because often we make several goals or one that is too big and unattainable.  For example, I want to lose 25lbs.   That is a great goal, but how do we set you up to lose weight and KEEP it off.  It might start with improving one solid good meal for 7 days.  Step one: define a realistic goal.

  2. Create a plan to stick to this goal.  This means defining behavior goals, actions you will do to reach your goal. Is your goal to get stronger?  To lose body fat?  What can you realistically do each day or week to put time towards meeting your goal?  Meal prep on Sunday?  Get a lifting buddy for Wednesday each week?  Step two: make a plan and define your behavior goals.

  3. Have an accountability partner.  At our gym we do quarterly check-ins with our members to keep them on track.  But this is one of the biggest keys.  Posting on facebook for the world to see doesn’t count. If you don’t follow through, you will be met with many others who have done the same and tell you it’s ok. That is not necessarily so helpful.  It is ok to struggle, but you need someone who will say ok, back to step two, what are you going to do this week to work towards your goal!

Last week at my sons school, I was asked how I felt about a certain diet.  This person knew someone who was always trying the next diet craze.  This is what I told him:  Our results, in any part of our life, are from what we consistently do.  Consistency is the key.  Want to lose weight, you need to consistently eat well.  Not in a crazy, I will never eat out again way, but most of the time.  Want to get stronger?  You need to consistently lift weights.  Not three days one week and then nothing for three weeks.

Consistency is the key, and accountability is the catalyst for keeping you consistent.  

This year, think about your goals, plan the behaviors and actions that will help you reach your goals and find someone to help you be accountable. Then make this the year you become the best version of you!