Let’s Talk Back...

As we age, we often find our bodies more creaky and achy.  Our hope, at CrossFit Erie, is to help you prevent that feeling for as long as possible.  We have many tools that we take advantage of, but I want to “showcase” one piece of equipment: The Reverse Hyper.  

When purchasing our equipment, some people suggested we should wait to add this to our gym.   I feel really strongly that this piece of equipment, if used often, can help rehab those of you with nagging back pain and keep some of you from having back pain.

I want to encourage you to hop on the reverse hyper, before or after class, 3 times a week.  If you do not have back pain, that is fantastic.  Think of it as preventative medicine!  

We would be happy to show you how to use this properly.  Here is a short video to familiarize yourself with: