What do you need in a gym?

Choosing the right gym is an important step in the process to becoming your happiest, healthiest self.  It is our belief that when choosing a gym, even if it isn’t us, there should be a few musts!  

  1. They have a method in place to teach you to move safely and efficiently.  Your coach should be teaching you and coaching, all the time!  Once safe movement is established; intensity is added.  CrossFit is founded on the principle of intensity, you don’t need to workout for 30 minutes or do 100 of something to be effective.  Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit, is famous for this quote, “Be impressed by intensity not volume.”

  2. They set you up for long term success.  This means that after the first 2 months or 2 years, you are still seeing results and you have a coach that knows your limitations and can help you set realistic goals for yourself. This is your journey, where do you want to get to?  Does your coach sit down with you periodically to revisit your goals?

  3. Nutrition - This should be the key and foundation to your fitness journey, regardless of your goal.  We feel very strongly that nutrition, while sometimes the hardest, is where you see the most reward.  This should not be a fad diet or quick loss plan.  Your gym should have someone in place who understands nutrition and how to individualize it for you.  Slow, steady progress is the most sure way to continue to see long term results.  

Whether you are looking for a new gym, or need help establishing your next goals, we can help.  We offer everyone a free no-sweat intro to discuss these things and help create a path for you to move forward and achieve your goals.