Method or Madness?

Is there a method, or is it all madness?

In CrossFit, we have a different workout every day.  One day we could be doing deadlifts and burpees and the next day we could be running and doing push ups.  The variety is a key component to what we do.  The scheduling and planning of the workouts is called programming.  

We crave the variety, it’s what keeps us coming back.  It is what appeals to the majority as well.  Who wants to just walk or run on a treadmill every day? Not me!  It can at times seems so random that there isn’t any thought or care put into the program of CrossFit.   This just isn’t true for us.

At CrossFit Erie, we want to have a plan in place throughout the variety, to give you the best results and an attainable program for your body to handle.  In CrossFit the three most common variables in a workout are time, movement, and volume.  How long are we moving?  What movement is our body doing? How many times are we doing this/these movements? When doing CrossFit we can alter these three variables to change the workout.  We can change how long our body moves to alter the intensity of the workout. Higher intensity equals better fat burning.  Longer does not equal more intense. We will discuss that more later.  We can modify the movement your body is doing.  When I started CrossFit, I couldn’t do a pull up.  I had to modify that movement until I had the strength.  We can also alter the volume of what we are doing.  You don’t need to do 100 of something to be effective.  Higher volume is often a larger cause of injury than heavy weight. 

There should be a theme to each workout, a desired stimulus or response from your body, even through the constant variety CrossFit throws at you.  When you start CrossFit, it might feel like madness, but there should be a method and a purpose to each workout!  Your coach should be able to explain to you this purpose for each workout you do and help you modify it appropriately, if needed, to get the best results for you.