Consistency + Community + CrossFit = Results

What is the magic pill that will get you to where you want to be?  Well, there isn’t one, but there is a magic formula. The 3 C’s!  Consistency, community, and CrossFit! Why is it so potent and why is it a magic combination?

The real key to success or failure at anything we do in life, I believe, is consistency.  If you consistently eat well, you will lose weight (or maintain your weight).  If you consistently work on your squat, you will get stronger.  What our body craves, is the consistency of our daily choices!  If it is that simple, do I need the other two?  The real truth is no, you don’t, you can do it alone and through being consistent see results.  Frankly, that isn’t fun though!  When you are alone, you can convince yourself you will do it later or tomorrow.  Ever set an alarm for an early morning workout and hit snooze, or drove home instead of going to the globo-gym?  Me too!  

Enter Community.  CrossFit has developed a worldwide community of people across the globe who can relate to how a particular workout feels.  In our local gym, we do more than just workout together and go home.  We have fun events and end up hanging out on the weekend.  If you miss a class, it isn’t like missing at a globo-gym. Your absence is felt.  We, as coaches, reach out to you and other members reach out, as well.  You have a built in accountability factor and have so much fun in your hour that you start looking forward to working out.  

The last part of the equation is CrossFit.  CrossFit has developed something unique.  It teaches us how to move our bodies properly.  I want to be able to pick things up with out hurting myself well into “old” age. I’m only half way there!  That is a deadlift.  I want to be able, as a grandma (I have a while), to run with my grandkids and not have to scooch off the couch and grab assistance to stand up. That is a squat.  CrossFit uses a mixture of real-life, practical movements to get you fit, and only then do we add the magic ingredient: intensity.  First we move well, then we move well faster.  This addition of intensity is where the magic happens.  You can read more about that here if you like. 

CrossFit will get you results but not without consistency.  Consistency will get you results but add in CrossFit and you will get there quicker.  Lastly, none of this is fun without our community and built in accountability.  We need all three!

Want to make your fitness journey a fun experience you can look forward to everyday? Join our Founders’ Club and become part of our awesome, supportive community!