About Shelby

I am a mom of two boys, 16 & 11, and a wife to my husband of 18 years. Growing up, I danced and tumbled.  I didn’t do traditional sports or athletics.  My CrossFit journey began 8 years ago after I had my second son.  My husband found this new workout online and we started doing any workouts we could in the garage. I had never held a barbell, or done a pull up, but I loved tracking my workouts and seeing the data; I really was getting stronger, faster, and a fun by-product, leaner.  We continued to piece equipment together and went to our first Level 1 CrossFit Certification to gain more knowledge. We were hooked!

Three and half years ago, we moved and I had a hysterectomy all within 3 months.  I had a bad reaction to my first round of hormones and gained 15lbs in three weeks.  It was a long road to find the perfect match for my body, but with the help of the CrossFit community and workouts I was able to finally start feeling like myself again.

CrossFit to me is the most fun way to stay healthy and active so I can keep up with my boys.  All these years later, I still feel empowered and see improvements in lifts and workouts.  I spent most of my young adult life teaching dance.  Coaching CrossFit has been a natural transition.  I love helping people push beyond their mental limitations and teach them ways to find success in the gym everyday!